About Us

We are group providing professional services of a multidisciplinary nature, we are committed to providing superior services to our clients at an affordable fee, in this process we are committed to rapid expansion and capacity building in all the relevant service areas. This was achieved by actively engaging in acquiring and merging with existing practices and specialists. As a result of these acquisitions and mergers we are able to serve more effectively in the following sectors: Auditing, Accounting, Information Technology, Legal & Corporate Services, Human Resource, Development Services, Administration Services & Tax Services. In our business dealings we give our clients a competitive edge by having all the services under one roof. Our primary objective is "identifying and satisfying our customers' requirements profitably"


During the past decade and a half ACMI GROUP has grown from a small single - service start up to a diversified group serving several disciplines. The company was founded on April first in the year 2000 at Colombo, Sri Lanka by our CEO, to provide multi-disciplinary services to clients. Starting with one staff member and two clients today we have 70 staff members and over 300 clients. During the past fifteen years we have successfully acquired and merged with firms in order to provide our clients with a complete solution.

Vision, mission & Values

Our vision
Is to be the best Multidisciplinary Professional Service provider in business advisory services.


    Providing client centered business solutions in the areas of auditing, Accounting, Information Technology, Legal & Corporate Services, Human Resource Development Services, Administration services & Tax services through optimized & innovative use of cutting edge information communication technology whilst adhering to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in all our business ventures.
  • To be equal opportunity employer who maximizes the talents of a motivated and empowered team to add value to our clients through innovative, timely and comprehensive solutions.
  • To be an organization that constantly strives to learn and improve in all areas that we serve thereby improving the standards of services provided to our clients.
  • To be socially responsible organization that operates ethically within our service circle.
  • Creating economic value to shareholders whilst sustaining the environment & society in which the organization operates.

Our values We believe in

  • Ethics: Ethical guides, laws of the land, principles of good behaviour and good governance shall from the bases of the ACMI GROUP ethical guide.
  • Competition: The Group shall not engage in unfair competition.
  • Service Delivery: The Group shall adhere to highest quality standards with regard to service delivery.
  • Technological bias: The use of latest technology in order to provide a better service to the client.
  • Guidance: The Group shall be committed to continuous guidance of the trainees, to make them fully fledged professionals
  • Quality: We are committed to high quality in whatever we do.
  • Professionalism: The Group strives to bring professionals in diverse fields together to provide complete solutions to clients.
  • Innovation: We strive to come up with new or improved service which will be a benefit to both sides.
  • People: We believe strongly that people form the strength of the company.
  • Learning Environment: The firm shall maintain a learning environment in which individual could release their full potential.
  • Team Work: We are committed to team spirit.
  • Client Satisfaction: We place the Client at the center of all our work that is client interest would be our central focus not the fee.