Tax Consultation

Personal tax of Doctors, Engineers, Architects and other professionals. And sole proprietors and partnership business perfecting income tax returns and appeals for Assessments could be accomplish by our very efficient team of professionals.

Lease / Rental Agreements and Drafting of other legal letters

ACMI law associates is a pioneer of providing and guiding you to complete your all lease /rental business agreements such as

  • Fixed term tenancy - a specific period of time
  • Periodic tenancy - renewed on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Also ACMI law associates assist the client in business agreement and any other agreement or documents which has a legal implication.

Corporate tax

B.O.I. Companies. Condominiums, trading organization, hotel industry, manufacturing organizations (foreign & local) Preparation of VAT, NBT,ESC, Income tax, and stamp duty computation of super gain tax etc, Together with tax audits and tax planning are carried out to existing clients and services are offered for prospective clients.

Other tax services

Preparation tax appeal letters and objection letters according to Inland Revenue Acts, Representing clients for interviews called by department of Inland Revenue as professional Authorized Representatives and proposing tax solutions complying to the Acts and safeguarding the interest of corporate bodies are carried out in an effective manner in ACMI Tax team

Labour Law

ACMI law associates with a strong focus on regulatory and social compliance to ensure the provision, use and management of labour in our sectors is recognized as a model of good practice.

ACMI law associate members range from the largest national employment businesses to small local providers servicing the food processing, horticultural, and warehousing and distribution, general manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Intellectual property law

ACMI law associates is one of the most widely recognized providers of a full range of commercial, intellectual property law, privacy, sourcing and technology law services for leading businesses island wide.

Our lawyers provide both litigation-related (contentious) and strategic commercial advice to a wide range of industry sectors, helping clients from emerging technology and pharmaceutical companies to established banks and financial institutions achieve their objectives wherever they do business.

Money recovery matters

For many fraud victims, getting their money back (or at least some of it) is really important. There are a number of options that may be available to fraud victims in Sri Lanka who want to try and recover their losses. ACMI law associates will support and assist you in this regard

Tax law

ACMI law associates help organisations thrive in changing times. Through our technical rigour, strategic expertise and deep focus on building long-term partnerships, we are committed to putting our clients and their business success first.

At ACMI law associates, we understand our client's industries and markets. If you are looking for a legal and tax advisor near you who understands your business, ACMI law associates will assist you in this regard

Representing a client at litigation

The attorneys at ACMI law associates represent a diverse clientele in a wide range of business litigation. The firm's clients in business litigation matters include any for-profit activity or enterprise, including publicly-held companies, corporations, partnerships and other formal entities. The firm is able to represent clients in matters such as business torts, class actions, complex contract disputes, financial forensics, government investigations, partnership disputes, international disputes, securities and antitrust matters and intellectual property claims.