Audit & Assurance

An audit ensures that the financial statements are a true and fair representation of the entity's current financial condition. This provides your organization's customers/clients, stakeholders, investors or lenders, and even potential buyers with invaluable credibility and confidence.

Your Key to Success: Auditing

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Our approach is critical because it adds value to your requirements. Our objective is to go above and beyond the audit by collaborating with our client to increase efficiency and profitability. At all times, we are aware of the auditor's critical role and act as a protector of our shareholders' interests.

Internal Audit

Internal audit plays a critical role in ensuring effective management control, proactive risk management, sound corporate governance, and continuous process improvement.
Our extensive portfolio of internal audit solutions includes the following:

What we offer

  • Development of SOPs
  • Outsourcing of Internal Audits
  • Business Evaluation
  • Physical Stock & Cash Counts on behalf of client’s requirements
  • Preparation of Reports (Project & Management)
  • Asset Verification
  • Carrying out Risk Assessment evaluation and testing
  • Providing insight on various audit procedures

External Audits

Businesses require auditors who have a thorough understanding of their industry, geography, political and economic policy challenges, long-term strategy, and any risks that must be assessed and managed. They require advisors capable of accurately incorporating this critical information into the audit process. This is where the expertise of our auditor comes into play.

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